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Fall Wedding Vibes Photos at Paicines Ranch: Tiffany + Alex

Fall Wedding Vibes Photos at Paicines Ranch: Tiffany + Alex paicines ranch wedding

A golden California fall wedding full of pumpkins, soft pinks and coppers, and an incredible couple at the chic and charming Paicines Ranch, how did I get so lucky!? Tiffany and Alex met each other in high school but waited until after to start their chapter together. And over a decade later in 2021 on a sunny, autumn day, they took step together on a new chapter.

Are you looking to get married at Paicines Ranch?

Are you looking to get married at Paicines Ranch? Grogan Porch and Oak Tree Paicines Ranch by Alicia Arcidiacono of Chasing Chickadees Photography

I love weddings at Paicines Ranch. It’s a stunning venue. 7600 jaw-dropping acres. Check. Oak studded hillsides, lush rivers, jagged cliffs. Check. A working ranch vibe. Check. Beautiful historic buildings and charming cottages for your guests. Check. A place that will feel like its all yours for the weekend. Check. A gorgeous ceremony law overlooking those hillsides and lush rivers I mentioned. Check. A stunning barn converted for events with an open dance floor, flowing drapery, and mobile bar. Check. The option to get as creative as you want. Check. Getting ready in the same room as Judy Garland did for her wedding. Check. A supportive staff and wonderful event center manger, Mary Rowen, who will make you feel like you are at home here. Check. A feel good for the environment vibe because the ranch supports healthy soil, ecosystems, and leads the way in regenerative agriculture. Check.

How to Photograph the Milky Way

How to Photograph the Milky Way How to Photograph the Milky Way for Weddings

I grabbed my gear, my husband, and packed a bag to head to the local Mercey Hot Springs. We turned my photo excursion into a romantic getaway under the stars in hot springs! I set up the tripod about ten feet from where we would stand—I use the Road Trip by MeFOTO for its ruggedness and portability. I used my Nikon remote to trigger a 2 second delay before starting the 25 second exposure. Keith and I shined our headlamp and 950 lumen bike light—I’m an avid cyclist—in front of us creating a fun backlight and lit path around us.

Kathryn + James Paicines Ranch Winter Wedding

Kathryn + James Paicines Ranch Winter Wedding Paicines Ranch Rustic Fence Wedding

The first time I met Kathryn & James was when they arrived at Paicines Ranch after they went dirt-biking in the neighboring biker paradise of Hollister Hills. We went out to one of my favorite sunset overlooks to shoot their engagement photos and I got to learn their sweet love story. A year prior at […]

Paicines Ranch Victorian Steampunk Wedding

Paicines Ranch Victorian Steampunk Wedding Milky Way Wedding Photo at Paicines Ranch

September 28th came with crisp autumn vibes, copious sunshine, and the beautiful landscapes of San Benito county filled with golden rolling hills and stunning native oaks. The barn had been transformed into a Victorian steampunk masterpiece. The lush, rich maroons perfectly paired with the gears creating a dreamy, steampunk slice of heaven. Sleek elegance intertwined with an industrial theme polished with a tophat of Victorian charm. Every last detail was created by hand by the bride, groom, and loving parents. If you look closely, you’ll see every clock and decoration was set to 4:30 to represent the union of these two.

Kate + Robert’s Popping Wedding

Kate + Robert’s Popping Wedding

On their six year anniversary, Robert took Kate to the a waterfall in Yosemite and popped the question. And right there in one of the most beautiful places in California, she said yes!

Kate and Robert’s wedding was the perfect California summer day, full of color, sunshine, and happiness. The beautiful Paicines Ranch set the scene with rolling golden hills dotted with native oak trees.

Erin + Josh’s Paicines Ranch Wedding

Erin + Josh’s Paicines Ranch Wedding

Erin and Josh knew each other when they were younger, but it wasn’t until the re-met later in life and the magic happened. On one of their adventures to Josh’s 300-acre Moonshine Ranch, he asked her to marry him. I had met these two lovebirds just after my own wedding at Paicines Ranch last year, and it was clear; they were smitten for each other forever and ever and that the Paicines Ranch was the perfect place for their I-Dos to happen.