You're getting married!


Your wedding day is going to be the most incredible, emotion-filled and fast-paced day of your life!

Because of this, your wedding photos are only going to grow in value as the time goes on. They are going to be your family heirlooms that will be passed down one day, and cherished for generations to come. They will be a reminder of how you looked & felt, how you celebrated, and how you loved. We believe that our couples deserve more than just pretty pictures, they deserve an incredible photography EXPERIENCE. 

We’ll  be there every step of the way—from perfecting your timeline to capturing your first glimpse of your partner or when your aunt busts a move so epic that words can’t do it justice. 

We’re BEYOND your wedding photographer. We’re your wedding partners in making magic! So, let’s get to dreaming up the wedding of a lifetime! 


“If you’re looking for the best photographer, look no further, Alicia is hands down the BEST!!! WE LOVE HER!”

– The Gladdings


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2020 may have put a lot of things on hold, but the start of your marriage shouldn’t be one of them. We’re proud to offer intimate wedding day coverage to ensure that this next step in your lives is captured in a way that can be remembered for generations. 

Our team is very careful to follow all COVID-19 CDC guidelines to ensure safe coverage for everyone celebrating your day. Intimate wedding day coverage is available on it’s own or alongside full wedding day coverage. Inquire below for more details.




Wedding collections begin at $4600 and the average couple spends $5500 for complete coverage. 

I offer three packages with the ability to customize as needed.

For more details on wedding packages and to find out more about a custom package, please contact me. 



I have been shooting since 2004 and started with film photography.

Although I’ve photographed weddings for over a decade, I started taking them on officially in 2016.

I’ve been shooting Nikon since my film days and continue to use all Nikon full-frame mirrorless bodies and Nikon lenses. I also have four off camera flashes, softboxes, light modifiers, video lights, reflectors, and stands.

My favorite lens in my 85mm and if you want to know even more geeky specifics, please reach out. I could talk about this stuff for days!

Great question! I am your back-up queen. I shoot with three Nikon Z6IIs that have dual memory slots. That means I have backup cameras and your photos are being simultaneously recorded on two cards. After a wedding or shoot, I immediately load images on my computer and backup to multiple hard drives and the cloud.

Yes, I do have liability insurance for photography. If you need more details, please ask.

My style reflects how I see my clients on weddings days, full of joy, bright, and vibrant. I want you to see your photos and feel all that mooshy gooshy love over and over again! I aim for a TIMELESS edit with colors more true to life with a vibrant and bright feel. Filters look cool and all but can definitely date your photos. Just think of the sepia trend of the 2000s!

After I cull through your photos, I import them into Adobe Lightroom. Then, I start my editing process which includes color correction, cropping, and ensuring they all look like my specific style.

I love candid photos and definitely capture those. Those fleeting moments of emotion are so raw and so beautiful, I love them! But sometimes a little guidance duing a shoot is necessary. For couple formals and family formals, I guide people into flattering poses as needed. I won’t be bossing you around, but I’ll be there giving encourgaing guidement. So don’t worry if you think you’re awkward in front of the camera, I guarantee you aren’t and that we will have a fun time together!

Glad you asked. During the day and when outside, I rely on finding great light and using a reflector to make sure my subjects look great. In dark buildings like receptions, I use up to three off camera flashes to create dazzling reception lighting. I aim to showcase your venue and dance floor and the fun you and your guests are having by strategically lighting the room. Having a photographer that knows natural light as well as using off camera lighting is important to make sure you have great photos from start to finish.

Bonus: I am a guru at working within dark barns to make sure my subjects look natural (no super weird skin tones).

For weddings, I typically deliever about 600-900 final edited images per 8-hour wedding. Even though my contract states 8 weeks for delivery, I’m just as eager as you to see them and often have them done sooner.

I use a beautiful and easy to use gallery service called Pixieset. You will be able to look through your images, favorite them, download them in full-resolution, share with family & friends, and order prints.

I’m happy to share my full Pixieset galleries if you’d like to see what your gallery would look like, just reach out.

You can print your images and share them socially as you please.

Copyright remains with me so if you want to submit it anywhere for publication you have to just ask my permission first.

A big YES! I am a well-traveled vagabond and have been all over the country and world, I’d be happy to come to you to capture your magical day. I’ve shot weddings across the United States from the northeast to Texas to California and in Mexico. For local weddings, there is no travel fee. For travel fees, please contact me.

My magical secret with Milky Way photos is that it is ONE image. It is NOT Photoshopped or a composite image. If you want to learn how I do it, head here:

Astrophotos take a bit of time to plan and the Milky Way galactic core (that really clustery part of it) is only visible during the summer and fall. The Milky Way is still visible most of the year but the core of it not so much. These photo shoots need to be planned when the moon is not visible as it needs to be dark. It also needs to be in darker part of the country, fortunately we have quite a few in California and Arizona.

Please inquire for pricing or if you’d like to add one on to your wedding.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am an avid bird lover and bird biologist. And chickadees happen to be one of my favorite birds because they are fiercely cute and fiercely feisty and their sweet songs make my heart go pitter-patter. I am usually chasing them because I always live in locations that don’t have them. So, I have to travel to get my chickadee fixes.

Bonus: The Chestnut-backed Chickadee is my favorite of all the chickadees. Shh! Please don’t tell the Mountain Chickadees I said that.


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