Paicines Ranch New Years Eve Wedding: Emma + Braden

As the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve 2023, Paicines Ranch was bathed in the glow of celebration, and I had the immense pleasure of capturing the love story of Emma and Braden. This wasn’t just any wedding; it was a magical affair at the heart of Paicines Ranch, where love, laughter, and genuine joy echoed through the Oak Forest and beyond.

Meet Emma and Braden—the inseparable duo who discovered their forever “person” in each other’s company one fateful day at a live music bar in Austin, TX. Their connection was instantaneous, and on New Year’s Eve, under cloudy skies that created the perfect photographer’s canvas, they vowed to spend a lifetime together.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Emma’s family, especially Carlos and Nancy, who run the catering at Paicines Ranch. Their daughter Emma, a bundle of joy with an infectious smile, married Braden in a celebration that felt like a dream.

The day began with a touch of nostalgia as Emma and Braden shared their first look in the Oak Forest, a place of enchantment on the ranch. Originally planned for their ceremony, the recent rains made the ground too wet, but nothing could dampen the magic of that sacred forest overlooking the San Benito River. Braden’s eyes lit up at the sight of Emma, and as they laughed and embraced, the drizzly rain only added to the enchantment.

After capturing the magic of the first look, we descended to gather family portraits before heading to the ceremony. The weather, as if honoring the occasion, cleared just in time for the vows. Elaine, a beautiful soul from Paicines Ranch, officiated the ceremony, and the newlyweds joyfully bounded down the aisle as partners for life.

Post-ceremony, the celebration moved to the Overlook—the ranch’s newest venue—and the catering prowess of Carlos and his team took center stage. Gracefully managing the kitchen and mingling with guests, Carlos ensured every moment was a culinary delight.

The grand entrance and a heartwarming first dance marked the beginning of an extraordinary evening. Dinner, a testament to the love poured into each dish, left a lasting impression. Sweet parent dances, the shoe game, and a cake made with love by Emma’s mom, Nancy, added personal touches to an already perfect day.

As the dance floor came alive and champagne flowed, we counted down to midnight, ushering Emma and Braden into the new year as newlyweds. Paicines Ranch witnessed not just a wedding but a magical journey into 2024 filled with love, laughter, and the promise of a beautiful forever for Emma and Braden.

Thank you for the honor of capturing your wedding day Emma + Braden!

Emma + Braden’s Review: 




Venue | Paicines Ranch

Coordinator | Elizabeth Byrne of Huntley Lake

Floral | Nightshade Floral Design

Hair + Makeup | Marissa Perel and Kelly Bradley

Dress | Anthropologie

DJ | Brandon Bosch

PhotoBooth | Kiani Moments

Catering  | Paicines Ranch

Cake | Nancy Sorgatz

Photographer | Chasing Chickadees Photography

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  • Beautiful love story and amazing photos!
    You have captured on camera the love of two souls.

    • Thank you Dennis & Lynda! It was an honor to capture such a joyous love between Emma and Braden and from all the family and friends around them!


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