Magical Places do Exist

It’s been over two years since I first visited the Paicines Ranch. One taste and I knew this wasn’t just a ranch. It was an entire community harnassing their energies to make the world a better place. A place where magic really does happen.

From beautiful weddings, enlightening workshops, a regenerative approach to agriculture, educational outreach, a budding vineyard, and views that make your jaw drop, this is a place folks remember. Anything but just a ranch.

Lucy’s golden coat perfectly matches the golden landscape, typical in dry season in California.

Nate, our resident welder, makes sparks fly.

Nikki Silvestri beams with the glow of the land and the start of a new life.

Nikki Silvestri takes a moment after our photoshoot to sit with our herd of sheep.

Creepy Halloween Light Painting with Erin beneath the Oak.
Erin and I were inspired by the intersect of this magnificent valley oak’s shadows and the lurking spirit of Halloween.

Three men and a puppy recreate Iwo Jima flag photo. Instead of a flag, they erect a home-made owl nesting box.

The reservoir attracts loads of migrant birds during the fall.

Elaine & Mr.Fritz.

Setting up time lapse cameras.
Our Paicines Ranch vineyard begins to bud.
PaicinesRanchOverlookValleyClouds copy
Dramatic overlooks on the ranch.
Two really cool kids on the ranch. Photo by Elaine Patarini

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